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The Energy body of Earth and Humans


It is time to take a look at why some areas here on Earth can feel difficult to rest within. It appears that some areas are more of a problem to light workers than others.




Written by Nanono



It appears that there are problems with lawlessness here on Earth. This has been a recurrent problem and one that has created strife for many light workers.


Garden delight


Written by Nanono




Gardening can provide a way to restore love into the heart of oneself. Love is a missing part of the human world and yet it is one of the most important things to embody.



I hope this information will be useful in your inner journey of transformation. There is information from the non-physical realms, to aid you working on emotional issues triggered by going within.

There are many different journeys to choose in life. If you choose a spiritual path you might find that a lot of the work takes place within yourself and it can be hard to explain to others. This spiritual path can also be called self realization and it is a way of transforming who you thought yourself to be, into something new that connects with your self and soul. Feeling the presence of self and soul is a magnificent encounter and you suddenly understand why you have longed for this connection. It is a precious connection and it is easy to loose but can always be retrived, it might just take a lot of internal work and clearing karma for why you lost it.





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